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Bare Hulls in Macduff

Bare Hulls in Macduff

Vigilant, Athena and Kiroan lying in Macduff, 30th April 2011 awaiting the chainsaw.

    Disgusting, someone can use these boats for perfectly sane non fishing purposes and the skippers get there cash. Obviously brainless, white collared soulless never been on a boat ever don't care a jot idiots control this process.

    We passed people in the forth with Christina this weekend that acted as if they had never seen a classic fishing boat in their life, get used to it, that's the future

    Not Happy

    An absolutely insane state of affairs ,  somebody should get the tree hugging conservationists and greenies involved. At least the powers that be listen to them. Recycling and Planet Ark aren't a bad thing. O0 ???
    O0 ??? O0