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Northern Lights LT.1004

Northern Lights   LT.1004

    its a spin up between the two.
    now thats what i call a rule beater!! what is this an under 8m??  ???
    weird kind of looking boat eh
    weird kind of looking boat eh
    to be fair, if folk didnt try out unusual/mad ideas, we wouldnt have progress would we?

    i think hanging those lumps of ballast off of each end was grasping at straws however.
    spec savers
    is she still going

    happy haddock
    Jun 16 2011 08:04 AM
    was built for top aberdeen trawl skipper terry taylor.dont think it was very succesfull.aparently steamed faster astern than ahead.moored up in fr for a while.then think scrapped.
    Worked the gill nets doon the English Chanel, wasnt a success so laid her up.
    good god !  thomas the tank engines away ti the fishing,, what were the advantiges o this or disadvantiges should a say ,  the pub across the road looks a beta idea O0 ???