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Gala Day

Gala Day

Port Seaton  gala

    can you put any names to them.

    young ronnie
    Jun 07 2011 03:50 PM
    John Dickson's Dayspring LH 87...only another seven to go ??? O0
    astern of DAYSPRING,,,,,,,,,,,LAPWING?  with SCARLET CHORD  on his stbd. beam.
    SPEEDWELL LH.217. in foreground??

    young ronnie
    Jun 07 2011 09:17 PM
    Don't think it's the Lapwing,she didnae have a stepped wheelhouse,maybe the Morning Star? Wonder if that's the Star of Faith on the far right??
    you are probably right yr. after id said i noticed the stepped wheelhouse but was too lazy to change it.
    and probably right about the one on right hand side too.
    The MCA would have a field day if you did that now - they would prosecute every one of them!