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Lying  in  Aberdeen  after  the  mast  broke  killing  two  crewmembers

    Captain v.E.
    Jun 06 2011 10:28 PM
    Somewhere, no sure where, theres a stone memorial with this boat on, marking this accident, in which a crew member was killed.

    Captain v.E.
    Jun 06 2011 11:36 PM
    Sorry, was actually 2 killed on this boat when t mast broke in 1903............. am also now thinkin that t stone memorial was of a Fife boat not this one!
    Sorry lads,This photograph shows the fishing boat 'Betty Inglis' lying at Montrose harbour. 1906

    What is significant in this photograph is that the mast of the 'Betty Inglis' is broken. This occurred whilst the boat was off Hartlepool herring fishing. The mast was struck by lightning and collapsed. Two of the crew were killed - by the lightning Alexander Pert and Charles Anderson according to fishery officers report a dated 23april 1906 it took over a week to tow her (and the bodies) back to Montrose.

    The remaining crew members were: James Paton (Skipper) whose tee name was 'Skinnem'; David West (tee name ?? David); Robert Anderson (tee name 'Norrie'); James Paton Jnr (tee name 'Skinnem's Jimmie', then later known as 'Auld Skinnem' who became coxswain of Montrose Lifeboat and skipper of fishing boat ME23 'Rosemary'); Geordie West (tee name Geordie A).

    Fisher folk of Ferryden still refer to the 'Betty Inglis' as "the cursed boat".

    The remains of the mast still exist (2012) and can be seen in a garden in Ferryden.

    This image can also been seen in Scottish national archives. I own the original image which is larger and shows crowds peering down from jetty. I also have images of the funeral procession crossing the Inch bridge from ferryden to Rosie island