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Painting time Dunbar

Painting time Dunbar

The True Vine on the beach in the Victoria Harbour around 1959/60 Jonah on the left,skipper "Doddie Bags" (cannae remember his proper name),Gordon Easingwood and his wee brother Douglas.

    Hey Ronnie,
    Fab photo matey. it's really hard to imagine Gordon & Douglass as young!  :P  :P  :D  :)

    young ronnie
    Nov 24 2008 09:37 AM
    We were all young back then Rockhopper....the carefree days of youth !!

    bryan DE127
    Nov 24 2008 09:54 AM
    aye Ronnie like Jonahs sailor hat oh carefree days right enough oh to turn the clock back.

    quiet waters
    Nov 24 2008 10:02 AM
    must say i like jonahs hat, he might have got a lot hairier in the intervening years but i do believe he might still be the same height? that pic should appear as a postcard, who took it? a parent of one of the subjects or yourself?

    young ronnie
    Nov 24 2008 11:00 AM
    I haven't got a clue who took it.Jonah got it from his mother and he gave it to me.It certainly wouldnae be anybody in our house that took it,we didnae have such a thing as a camera !!

    quiet waters
    Nov 24 2008 12:56 PM
    very rare in colour too, theres no colour pics in my family till the mid sixties, pics of me as a two yr old on the original QW are B & W as are other family pics and thats 64, butlins 1968 is first colour pics i remember, must look them out and post one of me as a 6yr old in the pool with skipper of the gleaner CN777, tommy finn, he would have been 10, spent all my holidays as a kid with the families of other skippers, some older members might remember big iain johnston who skippered the Tern in the 70's, the three families went to butlins in ayr every year together, cecil taught me how to bowl, how to row one of the punts on the boat pond, how to smoke a pipe, the words to me and bobby mcgee, ok so the last two i made up!!!!
    I think the True Vine came to Barrow about 1967 ? ronnie fished out of here for many years