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hope theres more next time

hope theres more next time

beer tokens

    Aye yer some machine!!! fit kindo bulk wiz there?

    Adoration II
    Nov 24 2008 08:29 AM
    christ do u use boxes under the bulk same as jammy calmac jack
    there was about 70st never got them all picked towed for 4.5hrs and and topped her up again we another 2 lifts
    wait till you see the one we got in shields a few year back av managed to track it down again she was a right cracker we put on a becket roon i bag and it was at the top o the gilson and the codend wouldna come over i rail,lol,,,they said you dina shot in the dark at shields a couple o us tried it 40st so shot awa again and hove at 8am n ats what we got a man jack lyin in i harbour and i prawns on big time,lol

    Kevin Munro
    Nov 24 2008 11:20 AM
    aye seen that photo on bebo before sandy, wisna sure fit boat it was tho. have ye still got a copy of it?
    dear me sandy,ats fit y call a nitemare,yl ha 2 get a set o hoppers en come away north aside ma,y dinna get at bulk north en er a we bit bigger a pran
    john a was just a kick on the arse fa yi last trip o the year if ma oldboy hadnt told you t keep ma right a wid have been right along side yi,dare say wed still be on i pier we them yet,just haul em onti the drum and haul them inti a box job,he wina spend money on hopper nets u ken at ursel,well just have t grind awa we the beatles and mud cove
    where there mud there money sanndy
    scottish twin riggers taking all prawns
    got to take prawns mate couldnt make a living taking fish,wish we could be at it in a flash,250kilo green for jan ats not enough as feed a cat,ats right jammy a quick whirl round usually helps matters a good bit we the mud but you ken what like tryin t get shot back b4 abody else as you can see by that snap was a rat race that day,lol