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Storm Drift

Storm Drift

Dougie, Horse, Frank, MaGraw, Wee Sammy

    the main mans missin in this pic
    Inky, Sarge, and myself aft getting ready to shoot again.

    bryan DE127
    May 27 2011 11:07 PM
    Cracking set of herring days photos ???
    was meanin micheal gemmill
    Michael was still aboard the Marie at this time.

    hound of the sea
    May 30 2011 07:28 AM
    dont think thare will be any men of that age on the deck now,.?j f.
    Job worth being at Hound. Horse used to come to the herring every summer, that was his holidays.

    hound of the sea
    May 31 2011 09:24 AM
    was willy f not thare about that time,?anyone that had been at it seemed to like it,never to be seen again io our waters. 200t per year mabey,that would have been dusted in a night easy.
    more than that hound any of the men in this pic are no longer with us or no longer at the job ???
    it would be a better job the day if everybody still did it like that thats when there was a bit of fun and a laugh in it u looked forward to goin away a tea time sunday