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Golden West the caulking begins

Golden West the caulking begins

Sitting on the beach in Kames Bay Loch Melford.  No engine and lots of caulking required it took 8 months through the winter to get her to a stage where she stopped taking any water but was then so dry we get dust on the keelson.

    this vessel could tell a few yarns john tar
    Aye aye crechan,good to catch u on ,was this cobbies boat

    johntar tt10
    Nov 23 2008 09:33 PM
    Aye aye if you seen the bottles on the f'cstle table an that after the session up in Nicky's pub in Crinan, scratcher,  
    kerryoot widne an could'nt discribe it, hand hauled down too, nooadays the young fellas wid be crying oot for a forklift, it mite only mite a managed,
    That rite crechan
    Aye i can believe that John, heard plenty yarns about them . Was away at a wedding yesterday and 1 of his ex crew was there , teetotal now but still crazy withoot drink,was yarning 2 him for a while at bar and oldest son of same name still has his moments

    johntar tt10
    Nov 23 2008 09:56 PM
    Got me there scratcher, need a clue
    Came in the Gulf one day and came on them in that wee bay ne side of Jura, just lying so the old fella went alongside to see if they were broken down, dredges were out and boat out of gear, Dowzer came oot the f'csle a crawled, aye crawled doon the deck, said to oor Rabbie, any milk jeke?
    Whit the feck do you want milk fur, the Brandy jeke weeve run oot and are drinking it strait, that was ther tipple brandy an milk, bottle a brandy tae a bottle a milk. keeked doon the den an they wur in some shape, gassed widnae descibe it, fella lying dossing on the floor, whit a shambles
    The 2 of them played 2 or 3 tunes,used 2 have band and still no bad yet .

    johntar tt10
    Nov 23 2008 10:08 PM
    Gottcha, aye coby wiz some man, would sey if didnae partake he would be a millionaire now, no seying that they have a bad lifestyle now, chauffered driven roond the toon jist like a lord sitting in the back, cannae whack that
    this was top dog at scallops didnt need twin poles telegraph pole was all that required tues to thurs pretty slick at the sunkers first at twin rig in village first with trawl winch a legend in his time
    by the way big alan she was tt72 what happened to venture
    The Venture was owned by Charlie Woods and kept within 100yards of the Golden West in the river Leven at Dumbarton.  She was never converted, then sold out of the river when she got too big for Charlie to handle on her own.  I will ask my brother where she went I think he knows.  Would be greatly if anyone had more pictures of the West at Tarbert.  I had great times there in my younger days going out with Doods and Paul on the Utopia and Brilliant Star