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Christina II

Christina II

Yet more painting does it ever come to an end. Fished before the rain though

    young ronnie
    May 21 2011 10:54 PM
    Once you get the missing bits of stripping put back on and a wee dab of silver paint on them she'll be like a new boat again Alan...the green and brown was definitely a good choice,she's looking well there ;)
    Thanks ronnie  we'll get her down your neck of the woods some time I'll let you know before hand and we can take you for a cruise


    ps it was like a oven in the front end with the fire on all day
    She's Looking Bonnier all the time now Alan, Great Job mate ;)
    certainly very pretty

    Brian Ward TT24
    May 22 2011 09:15 PM
    Looking good.  Are you going to fit the coping/rubbing bands back on? Mine are still on and are the cause of most of my rust streaks. Not sure whether to grind and repaint or leave them off.  The yellow bead line will make her look even better!

    Rubbing bands got pulled off during the winter along with about 1 inch of the wood so lots of repair work needed before they are replaced but yes we will be putting them back on.  We did think about using stainless steel saves painting them as well as no rust streaks.  The line around her bulwarks will be done once the rain stops, we laid a mooring on Saturday out from the wall to hold her off, checked her this morning and she's sitting off the wall by 2 feet so damage risk is reduced for this years southerlys.

    BigAlan ;)

    Angus Grant
    May 23 2011 11:00 AM

    Youve got to watch out for the coping irons. They will never have been bedded in anything and the rain water will be sitting behind them doing the wood no good at all. Best thing is pull them off have them blasted, galvanised and bed them in Sikaflex. If the boat was working then it would not be so bad as they would get a fresh dose of saltwater all day every day. Fresh water and warmth from the sun will only lead to heart ache.

    Brian Ward TT24
    May 24 2011 08:37 PM
    Angus and Alan....many thanks for the advice, yes I'll take them off and then decide what to do.
    These old boats are great...can't wait to see Shemaron with her new masts/poles.

    May 25 2011 06:58 PM
    i read somewhere that back in the dark ages all the metal work on boats like cleats and beltings on the old sailing ships were bedded into a mixture of pitch and horse manure-i would much prefer the sikaflex-regardless of cost!