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Albacore N303

Albacore N303

Sat alongside the Ballast pond in Torpoint on the River Tamar May 2011
Been here about a month, obviously decommissioned as the power block and net drum etc all removed

    was built as MISTY ISLE in 1970 AT ARBROATH.
    had a few name changes, became NIMROD,,,,,then MAY QUEEN 1V.,,,,then ALBACORE.

    young ronnie
    May 15 2011 09:16 PM
    Wouldnae have recognised her as Willie Edwards/Tommy Scott/Robert Boups vessel.

    Manx Venture
    May 15 2011 09:49 PM
    same hull as queensberry?
    she looks a lot bigger,cracking heavy built boat it looked better without whaleback and shelter
    remember tommy scott used to sing songs over the wireless
    Similar looking hull to the provider ah71 and also Robert gillies morning dawn