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the great fire debate

the great fire debate

The other day there was a debate about gas or coal/wood my moneys on a real fire any day

    young ronnie
    May 13 2011 10:51 PM
    The coal fire's great for heat,keeps the fo'c'scle dry as a bone,looks good on a cold Winter night,and it's more in keeping with the boat Alan..that's the plus side,the minus side is the soot,smoke,smell and work involved,no just with the fire itself but keeping the "den" clean.Been there twice in recent years,both times it sounded good in principle but in practice they were more bother than they were worth really.Sometimes the "good old days" are no just as good as we thought they were at the time :police:
    Ronnie these sealed units are surprisingly clean and can burn anything when shut down it will burn for 8 hrs.  Boils the kettle in 10 mins.  I've plumber a radiator into the wheelhouse for the winter its run off the chimneys heat with a coiled copper pipe no pump required

    young ronnie
    May 13 2011 11:13 PM
    That one is similar to the first one I had Alan,and in all fairness it wasn't too bad,but the other one with the lid on the top was hellish..no matter how quickly you got the lid back on after you had put coal in you still got a smoky cabin.Never seemed to be done washing the woodwork trying to keep pace with the build up of black dirt everywhere..Eberspacher next time :police:
    Ronnie this one must be good the wife wants one for the house its a stovax Brunell 6kw if it was dirty it wouldn't get past the front door

    young ronnie
    May 14 2011 12:03 AM
    That kind of recommendation speaks for itself then! Major bonus I suppose is they'll burn anything you can manage to shove past the door(loved the smell of peat when we had the fire).At the price of diesel maybe an Eberspacher isnae the way to go :police:
    anythings better than the smell oh gas.used to gie me a sair head if it was left on overnight when sleeping on the boat
    tut,tut, id say you were a brave/daft laddie goin tae sleep on a boat wi, a gas fire on.......even wi ventilation,,,,

    May 14 2011 10:47 AM
    i threw out the wee diesel refleks on the restless-good enough job but just too warm and there was always the risk of carbon monoxide. put in a nice wee wood burning stove and we burn turf in it (peat)-nothing more homely than the smell of turf burning on a nice starry frosty night.

    young ronnie
    May 14 2011 12:14 PM
    Especially if it's at Parkhead Frankie me bhoy :police: :police: