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Big shot Halibut

Big shot Halibut

A  record  shot  in  Aberdeen

    37 grand in todays money :police:
    see a female in the background. i wonder if its one of those nice ladies that walk up and down the harbour befreinding lonely sailors. either that or the fish buyers have got her stood down wind so that the fish doesnt smell as fresh.
    Westword , are you sure you haven't miscalculated?  30 old tons were 600 cwts. At 37k, that's only averaging under 62 cer cwt! Have you missed out a "Zero"?

    young ronnie
    May 13 2011 05:43 PM
    If you go into "Measuring Worth" it comes up with 34,200 using the retail price index and 179,000 using average earnings,so what do you make of that?
    My calcs. were roughly on a 600 box shot .. halibut and ling mostly by the by the look of it. A handsome shot anyway and like Johnny Cash's Caddilac .."got it one piece at a time".
    30 tons grossing 450 averages out at 0.75p per cwt or 15shillings a box! But guys, it's all relative. It was a record shot!!

    Fishermans Friend
    May 17 2011 08:19 AM
    gw - that will be a negative.
    Now Terry , do you have experience of the Shore Lane womens institute (North Star Group), I hope not , or crab cream would be least of your worries , saying that yer tadger might smell a bit like the fish in the picture :police:
    never got round to it willy i couldnt afford one of those on north star wages i had to wait till i got home and go to the jungle  ;)