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Stormdrift hauling net by hand


    that looks to be a set of bobbins xander cant blow the pic up tho you must have scanned it small

    Xander Fulton
    Nov 22 2008 10:05 PM
    sorry jammy don't know how to make it bigger :)
    thats maybe the balls you are seeing james the bobbins were hauled over the port side the lentgh of the boat before the power block was put on
    could be john after looking closer
    i got your message the other night james the comp crashed so i could not reply,i will be going up on sunday night and weather permiting will work my way  home next week
    long range doesnt look to bad bit colder so should be better heres hoping
    will be trying local first day or two just to make sure everything working james after that i will see how it goes
    that is a good set of pics the boy has put on the last two nights
    aye they are good,was up seeing doreen told her about the site so she gave me the launching pictures,have not had a chance to taik to sarge yet but i know he has some great old photoes
    think dodi said he would be at the bowling between now and xmas JF so he was going t say to him as well