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Fairwind BA 177 & Stormdrift BA 187

Fairwind BA 177  &  Stormdrift  BA 187

Fairwind and Stormdrift ashore Kerrera

both boats went ashore after breaking from their moorings in a hurricane 1968

gerrards boat builders came to fair wind and nobles girvan came to help stormdrift

    westcoast hooligan
    Nov 22 2008 09:45 PM
    holy shit tha pic looks wicked after reading what howard marks done on that island years later ya ken :)

    young ronnie
    Nov 22 2008 10:21 PM
    That was Hurricane Hettie the year before we moved from Dunbar to Oban...from all accounts it was some blow.Where they went up still gets called "Ross MacMahon's island" after the man who had the Calum Cille OB 151 and lived in the bungalow round the corner.
    was told there were trees and chimneys down all up and down the west coast, a hell of a blow by all acounts,Ronnie

    young ronnie
    Nov 22 2008 10:38 PM
    It caused some damage right enough.I think they had to blast away some of the rock round about the boats before they could slide them back down to the water again.I heard it took about ten days to get the furthest away one re-floated.
    Stormdrift patched up and sailed back to girvan spent about a month on nobles slip,i dont know if Fairwind went back to gerrards or was fixed localy
    was ther much damage to them :)
    Not sure if that was the same year boats broke away in west loch tarbert and landed up in front of west loch hotel.
    Boats had to be lifted out by crane and transported to east loch tarbert on lorries to be put back in water.
    think the Fairwind had a new keel,and a lot of planks replaced, Stomdrift was plank and frame damage
    thye landed up at the west loch hotel !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mind we got the day of school to see them get lifted back into the water.think king owned one of them.remember the man up in the house worried as hell my old man tellingf him it was only a boat.....