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ultimate bullshit

ultimate bullshit

It's no just the chaps of the Royal Navy that have a degree in bullshit ye ken lol

    whitby diver
    May 03 2011 06:23 PM
    nowt wrong wi keeping ya vessel tidy,but looks a bit like o.c.d to me  :smitten:
    looks like the missus is keeping you in check ronnie :smitten:
    I'd like to see you do that with 6 coils a side !!!!!!!!!!!!! :smitten: :buck2:
    ;D   I know you don't like to admit it Ronnie, but me thinks you are just worried that you might trip up in your advanced years...so yes probably best to keep it nice and tidy...did you remember to measure it now ? .. or did you forget your glasses as well as the tape ? It kind of resembles a snake don't you think ??
    (Just a passing visit as I was soooooooooooooooo intrigued by your piccy)  :smitten: :buck2: ;D
    Nice BIG ! beer mat for the onboard hospitality ther! :smitten:
    tidy bit o rope pity aboot the spagetti junction vhf cable behind it :smitten:

    young ronnie
    May 05 2011 10:21 AM
    If that's the price o' it GW I'll put it on ebay right away along wi' the other half a dozen lengths of the stuff that's lying aboot.What the previous owner was doing wi' that heap of rope on a wee yattie I'm buggered if I know...yon stuff wid hud a 60 fitter at the pier nae bother :smitten:

    young ronnie
    May 05 2011 11:46 AM
    It wid tak yin o' thae mooring rope fae a Calmac ferry tae hud the Big Fella GW,and even then I reckon ye would hae tae double them up :smitten:
    am keepin the museum goin on sails fir the ald reaper   ;D :smitten: :buck2:

    young ronnie
    May 05 2011 08:52 PM
    Ye wid need 3 inch trawl wire for the claes line and the Reapers mast for a pole if ye were hingin' his sark out GW :smitten: