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Christine Nielsen - GY298

Christine Nielsen - GY298

Christine Nielsen - GY298 in North Shields, North East England, some time during the 1990's.

Main Gear type :  OTB  - Bottom otter trawls
Hull material code :  2 - Metal
Year of Construction :  1975
Place of Construction :  DENMARK
Tonnage GT :   196,00 T

Source - EU Trawler Register @ http://ec.europa.eu/...&search_id=1886

Destroyed 2001 - flooding and foundering of Christine Nielsen (GY298) 120 miles north-east of River Tyne on 18 March 2001

    hi steve the good old neilson thats a bit before my time on her.She has the old fore mast i think pic was taken about 1987 ish  happy days then  :smitten:

    Steve Ellwood
    May 02 2011 05:26 PM
    That's the problem with 35mm prints - no date, not like digital photographs.

    Just been reading the MAIB Report on her demise @ http://www.maib.gov....ielsen-text.pdf


    sunbeam and nimrod on the other side of the gut probably pair trawling , achieve behind the neilson and it looks like the golden days at the bottom of the gut in the corner so i would say it could be a lot earlier than that steve.  :smitten:

    Steve Ellwood
    May 02 2011 07:27 PM
    Hi Terry

    Well you 'old hands' would know  :smitten:

    Hope you are enjoying yourself having come out of semi retirement.


    its not too bad steve the jobs a doddle , no divers or anything and on some the worksites they will only let us work daylight hours 6/6. nice easy one to start off with.  :smitten: