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decca mk21

decca mk21

every wheelhouse should have one

    Geez your pulling them oot noo Edd ??? ;)
    Put a nuclear reactor in that case, be no chance of a melt down !!!!!
    Remember running up the deck like Corporal Jones cos the needles started spinning like helicopter rotors lol

    homeward bound
    Aug 06 2011 02:14 PM
    there you go donald  :cheers:

    young ronnie
    Aug 06 2011 03:09 PM
    Remember the size and weight of them,but most of all I remember the feckin' rip off money that Decca screwed oot the fleet for years until Shipmate stuck it right up 'em :cheers:
    Decca rippin u off......NEVER.............. very reasonable priced NOT :cheers: >:(
    I liked the ones with the purple and green and red I think , Vector discs that spun round,. Used to fascinate me as a young lad.  :cheers: >:(