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ready for a paint.

ready for a paint.

Donald Swarbrick and Willie bremner landing trawled fish while at the prawns temporally, using old wooden doors and manila ropes during the years trawling was illegal in the clyde.

    johntar tt10
    Mar 23 2011 08:37 PM
    Is that the Stormdrift BA187 or Fair Wind other side of the river? Stormdrift might have it
    Fair Wind BA 177 John, different wheelhouse than Stormdrift.

    homeward bound
    Mar 23 2011 10:20 PM
    showing yer age sylvestor  ;)
    A wondered when you would be back on after Sundays result, just as well the big fellas away back to sea or you would be getting some abuse. Just as well it didnae go to penalties , the ref widnae of given Rangers one.

    homeward bound
    Mar 23 2011 10:35 PM
    its no always about winning, its taken part that counts, couldnae let walter retire empty handed  ;) anyway we"ll get a good laugh next year wi ally at the helm,
    The OLD FIRM supporters make me laugh with all their moaning thet want to go to Somerset Park and see what its realy like to be strugling.  AYR AYR SUPER AYR.

    homeward bound
    Mar 23 2011 10:50 PM
    have been up a few times and at 15 for sunday league football  i"ll  no bother, the sooner asda get a superstore on it the better, the ground is a s***hole,
    See what i mean, thats the old firm mentality, if supporters dont start going to support their hometown teams small teams like Ayr will disappear, oh well i suppose that will only leave Celtic and Rangers and we will need to watch them every week, or mabe we wont because they will all be suspended or in the jail.

    homeward bound
    Mar 23 2011 11:16 PM
    still do the ayr united lottery, went up wi my grandpa from 5 year old, stayed 200 yards from the ground,its the same noo as it was 30 year ago, even the diehard fans say its a coup, better fitba at kg 5 on a sunday  ;)
    Its no the same ataw, the pies arny near as good as they used to be. Same faces every other week Eddie, and your right not much has changed in the 40 odd years that i have been going. They should have taken David Murrys money when he offered it.