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    Looks like PLAYDOUGH to me.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ;)
    a mackem ma sell ;)
    Actually, what are they made of  ?,  ;)
    its davies favourite . its seal meat ;)
    pinnwheels, mybe cartwheels lol, sausage meat roond steak puffpastry o  rolled up like a swissroll, yum yum :smitten:aye terry stop givin me ideas  lol  ;)
    Swiss rolls fur carnivores!  -(......eaten raw I presume!?) ;)
    no no they gan in the oven lol, am no totaly uncivalized ;)

    young ronnie
    Mar 22 2011 07:03 PM
    Ye mean tae say ye use a knife and fork and yer pinkie sticks in the air when ye're drinkin' yer tea Davie?..be telling me ye pit a napkin oan yer lap and hae a finger bowl at the side o' ye as weel?  ;)
    noo that wid be a sight right enough ronnie ;) ;)  a bit ruff right enough , went doon the hatch braw though ;)

    Steve Ellwood
    Mar 22 2011 09:31 PM
    So do you wrap a piece of bread around these then Davey?