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Monkeys Fist

Monkeys Fist

A Dying Art

    Mar 12 2011 11:46 PM
    can mind wee bits but no enuf to sit an exam mind "k" -.- like a kamakaze plane and keiths speed camera O0
    some amount of jap jokes on the go  O0
    but seeing those boats/ships gettin washed away scary stuff  :coolsmiley:

    young ronnie
    Mar 12 2011 11:58 PM
    I'm sure a helluva lot of things that were in use a hundred years ago could be done away wi' now when it comes tae doing your ticket GW..and as for an 8 inch bell sitting ootside gaun green wi' age and never used?..dinnae get me started on that yin lol..I wonder how many lads on here have ever rung a bell in anger?...certainly no me! Only man I ever saw doing that was old Woodie of the Fisherrow Stormdrift years ago at the West side of Colonsay.Thick as a dyke that day,nae radar,and him towing aboot among the fleet and dingin' away like fcuk on the bell for a' he was worth!!,can still mind of that.

    young ronnie
    Mar 13 2011 12:08 AM
    Only sensible place for a bell is on the top o' a fire engine :coolsmiley:
    Certainly must have made 100s of them in my time, found best way of finishing em of is dip in paint & let dry. Anyone out there know anyone who would make a small bow fender for my 17ft boat around fife area ?
    mmmmmmmm plastic .............


    mmmmmmmmm sexy................

    would have certainly felt like his heed yest gw
    caiplie ask at pitenweem for billy woods he used to hiv a company called fife fenders years ago he stays 5 minutes from the harbour he might have one or could make you one :coolsmiley:
    Thanks for that mackrill, l know billy, will ask when see him nxt time !
    I still make them as dog toys for all and sundry. We used to put a 1 inch nut inside of them in the shipyard. A hard wooden ball does the trick now. :coolsmiley:
    gw pmsl