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Monkeys Fist

Monkeys Fist

A Dying Art

    youd get a few quid for that on ebay.

    i used to make rope fenders, but no-one interested in that kind o stuff now, everyone got plastic shit
    thers still a demand in england for rope fenders all thon guys on the canal boats an there expensive used to be a guy in pitenweem billy woods used to make them as well :coolsmiley:

    young ronnie
    Mar 12 2011 08:33 PM
    Does it have a boiler rivet cunningly concealed inside Davie? That was the usual addition,both to give it some weight for getting the distance and to gie the rope catchers on the pier a sair heid if they werenae on their toes!! A dying art right enough,pity too,but as Catman says everybody's got "plastic shit" now..boats as well as fenders O0 :coolsmiley:
    I was in the last seamanship class at Lossie high school. Theyve scrapped that now in favour of 'computer game development' and other such crap.

    as a result, no-one comin out of school can tie a knot, row a boat, or spell 'wanker' in morse code.  :coolsmiley:

    Mar 12 2011 10:00 PM
    Didn't know monkeys had tattoos  :coolsmiley:
    well done gw
    online morse translator?

    Mar 12 2011 10:36 PM
    good gw but i bet you don't tie the laces on yer wellies  :coolsmiley:

    young ronnie
    Mar 12 2011 11:20 PM
    Ye did far better than me GW,I had tae look it up..nearest I ever got tae Morse was watchin' John Thaw on the telly :coolsmiley:
    here ian can you rem all the morse torgy put us thru

    fucked if i could do anything in morse now
    mates offshore dont have to learn morse anymore, they do a shortcourse in facebooking instead as that is such a significant part o their job nowadays :coolsmiley: