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Quess Which Boat

Quess Which Boat

    BOAT? I thought it was a fruit stall!

    young ronnie
    Mar 08 2011 01:15 PM
    Naaahhh Gee Bee it's the the Tory/Lib Dem's promises...a load o' balls :coolsmiley:
    next question ,,what the xxxx are they all for??

    young ronnie
    Mar 08 2011 01:29 PM
    The balls in the photo or the political promises ? :coolsmiley:

    young ronnie
    Mar 08 2011 01:57 PM
    Just had a thought...does he work a lot of single creels that he uses the balls for?
    the way theyre all lashed up etc, widny need tae be in a hurry for one??
    poor mans flotation device..??
    ronnie a think a creel wid be away wi the surf wi ayn o them attached ti it lol :coolsmiley:  enough bouyancy there ti float the titanic O0
    No ones won the coconut yet lads !!!!! :coolsmiley: O0 O0
    were more interested in what theyre all for than what the boats is called,
    boats name ......BALLBUSTER??
    i wid guess its up west coast scotland somewhere they lads seem to hiv a habit of tying loads on the side o the catcatcher, think this photo is the side o a catcatcher boats name is hivnaegotaclue :coolsmiley: