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Dewy Rose. FR.73

Dewy Rose.  FR.73

Dewy Rose. FR.73.  First Scotch  boat  south  to  the  East Anglian  herring fishing again.

    Feb 22 2011 09:03 AM
    The 5 lads forit are shoorley gan awa ashore wi the skipper, a bonny dressed up. A bit like the big pelagic boats now,,half the crew left ti land, but they still seem a ti  be affa happy. My granda wis a carpenter wi Forbes far she wis built, and when she wis completed ,he left the yard and joined her on her first trip sooth ti Yarmouth.I dinna see him in that photo.. :coolsmiley:
    The skipper would have been the uncle i was on about..we have this photo somewhere about the house...if i mind right he left the fishing and was a fishery officer in lossie for a while....
    They've scrubbed up well for the weekend, considering all they had was a basin and a bar o' soap, to share among 10!! Places like Yarmouth, Scarborough, Isle of Man etc. weren't only fishing ports, but holiday towns. It was like going abroad for the crews. Hard graft, but a break at the weekend. The young lads were always "spruced up" first! Rarin' to go.

    Feb 22 2011 03:58 PM
    Ive never cared for nor understood that expression ..state of the art,,but that lad standing in the fore side o the skipper has on fit wid be described as a ..loud;;; pullover, way ahead in the fashion stakes, a trail blazer..nae doot influenced by Pat Boone... :coolsmiley:
    Aye, Baden .. think I've an LP o' Jim Reeves wi' a waistcoat like that. Don't throw away your waistcoat .. It'll be the height o' fashion soon!!
    Noticed the thick mooring rope is Left Hand Lay!!
    There  is  twa  Rosehearty  men  in  ess  picture Baden  ie.  Shippie  n'  Johnnie Duff ( Downie )  The  first  lad  is  Teddy  Nibloe, then  his  brother Jim. nae  sure if  next  is  Sammy Massie.

    Feb 22 2011 09:25 PM
    I think this is a great site , thank you the organisers, or whatever is the correct title.Ive been slow to the computer technology, mainly through fear and suspicion,but after seeing comments made by ex fishermen ,mainly from the clyde area....ringnet men ,who must be a fair bit older than me...I  thought ...well iff they can,   so can I..I sailed wi Johnny Duff ,  and Jim Nibloe in the BRITANNIA BF  178 and CONQUEST FR 1,and knew Shippie very well, and I hope that when more people, wheather they be ex fishermen ,or just folk we knew in the past,,ther,ll be a lot more memories stirred, and all I hope  good ones.. :coolsmiley: