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Haulin the net

Haulin the net

Taken by Peter Watt 1968
My Granfather Abby Sach Watt at the rail

    These photos are crackers Willie, Thanks for posting , Brings back memories , of the local boys at the ould herrin,
                                                                                                                                                                 JB :coolsmiley: O0

    young ronnie
    Feb 22 2011 10:31 PM
    Auld style mannie there Willie,no sittin' on his ar*e in the dookit watchin' other lads pullin' their airms oot the sockets..oot graftin' wi' them and leadin' fae the front...respect :coolsmiley:
    No probs John but a big thanks must go to Mac Rill for finding them and to my mothers cousin for allowing me to post them
    @Ronnie , he was busy counting the bawbees as they came ower the rail and making sure none escaped :coolsmiley:
    willie take it they went back to the sceine net when the herring season was over,or did they follow the herring round the coast..........
    I think the Seine was a short term thing between herring seasons ,James , they used to follow the herring , in fact I never knew the boat went to the seine until I saw these pictures and Baden (Baggywrinkle) told me as he was a crewman aboard her
    cheers for that willie ..excellent set of photos......
    silver darlings
    http://scotlandonscr...7-000-000-333-C   great film crail enster pitenweem,who do you know??? :coolsmiley:

    Mar 03 2011 04:19 PM
    Another very good shot of Abbie Saugh and his crew hauling the nets. Notice the "rail roller" in place, the "scuddin' pole" midway on the side deck and the corks are "forrit," so they're "haulin' a good shot." Abbie haulin' without his "souwaster" on, the others have hooded "oilies."