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Nae recession in Fife

Nae recession in Fife

New yins fir the Bell maybe!

    Right tools for the job.Pity i never seen you,could of had a blether and a cup o tea  8:)
    It wisna me that took the pic,my brother got a new camera and wis oot a run and wis takin lots o pics if i'm across that way I'll gie you a shout
    salamander,s got the secret weapons noo,  ??? ??? those are just babys 8:)

    Feb 18 2011 10:26 PM
    not 4 the bell  8:)

    bryan DE127
    Feb 18 2011 11:13 PM
    Aye Davie after a few weeks hauling they big creels of yours salamander will be wishing he was still sitting in his big wheelhouse chair back at the trawl  8:)
    the pain will go away bryan, when the big shells come aboard ???  still need the deep heat later though 8:) ???

    bryan DE127
    Feb 18 2011 11:24 PM
    I your right there Davie when there is three big beasts in them it soon gets hauld aboard.I think Andrew is only going him self so he ken hes done a days work after hauling three hundred o these big creels 8:)
    Bryan you got any info on that boat Britannia in arbroath inner ,nice looking boat do you know her history?
    would be better kept clear of the bell ....every squidder and his dog will be rompin up and down there this year.....too good lookin gear for that.....
    wee while yet a4 the squid turn up there ,nae place is safe nowadays,so just have to take yer chance .