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Stripped to the bare hull, Kiroan and Athena await the buzz saw. Typical Macduff ... even scrapping is carried out neatly. Vigilant is visible in background awaitng her turn

    what happens ti the timber once its been chopped ? 8:) ???
    These photos should be sent to all our elected local mp's , mep's to congratulate them for the broken promises made before the last election!
    Shame and disgrace to say the least. What is this country coming to.
    Well thats my rant over with!
    Fukkin disgrace to see boats like this being put through the saw, all because the spinless bas*ards in downing street dont have the bottle to tell brussels to go fuk themselves, instead they are makin our heritage extinct,AND these dozy fukkas think they doing us a favour. EVERYONE WITH THE LETTERS MP AFTER THEIR NAME SHOULD BE STOOD AGAINST A WALL AND FUKKIN SHOT.....BAS*ARDS...........
                                 ??? ??? ??? 8:) ??? ???

    Jay Cresswell
    Feb 11 2011 11:33 PM
    Cuddint hav puttit better mesel!

    young ronnie
    Feb 11 2011 11:41 PM
    Can't argue with these sentiments Jay,Paul's bang on there 8:)
    a was just thinking jay can you not get some wee bits ov timber from those braw boats to use in your modelmaking skills , wee bits of wood from them as a wee tribute ti them , a no nothing about modelmaking but just a thought :)agree wi all comments aboot the scummy mps, av run oot o steam ranting on aboot them wh*nkers  8:) ???

    Jay Cresswell
    Feb 12 2011 12:29 AM
    Hi Westword
    Thanks for what you said about the models
    I'm about to start another one after a longish break ... an anchor dragger to the same scale
    Drawings are prepared ... just got to start laying out
    why are these two shining examples cut up when the two in front are still intact?
    Could we not use some of the timbers from these boats to make little plaques inscribed with the names and registration numbers of all the boats that have been decommissioned over the years and have them displayed somewhere as some sort of permanent memorial to our lost fishing heritage?
    little plaques nah better wi the naneboards aff the bow,very bonny, i ken the nameplate aff the june rose is lying in a garage gethering stoor O0 better get in on display :-