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Former Alex Noble-built ringer-trawler, etc Vigilant awaits her fate in Macduff

    Brian Ward TT24
    Feb 14 2011 09:44 PM
    Thanks Jay for the effort taken to show us all these pics. You have certainly set up a real discussion re decomm.
    With all the knowledgable points of view on the site how come we allow the butchering to take place.
    death row my arse ,  what about the two new builds in the background 8:)?     more new ones came out of macduff recently than old ones getting scrapped. I think macduff  would consider themselves builders rather than  scrappers ,  get a grip! ???
    jay cresswall and all the others who are on about allowing this to happen and it should  be stopped etc ,you are all completly missing the point...every one of these boats could have been bought by anyone at any time instead they are being scrapped by their owners simply because no one wants them for a variety of reasons  poor fishing ,stagnent prices .lack of suitable crew ..even the non eu workers have been all but stopped from being allowed to work inside 12 miles ,there are a lot of owners retiring and see it as a godsend to get rid of previously unsaleble boats .dont think im not as dissapointed as you that it has come to this but it is a stark reality...make no mistake if there had not been a cap put on the amount being offered ,,it had to be  no more than the insurable value of the boat there would have been twice as many applicants only too glad to take this lifeline ...im not sure who you think you are representing mr cresswall or what your links to the industry are when you  are berating lockhead by email but its certainly not the whole industry, far from it ...so you and the rest of you stop for a minute and think why these fishermen are doing this before you type up anymore tired old cliches about butchering and fate and deathrow etc
    osp500,That sounds about just right.
    surely it makes mair sense to decomm a 40 year old boat than a nearly new boat, as has been done in the past.

    from a nostalgic point of view its a shame, the older boats are better on the eye than some of the new ones but there you go. I like old cars, but i wouldna do without aircon, power-steering, etc so that i could drive one.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Feb 15 2011 06:16 PM
    Can't disagree catman.
    The young fishermen of today deserve better than old boats past there sell by date. Instead of wasting money on futile schemes the government should have a system in place that assists fishermen to purchase modern safe viable boats.This would encourage men to take a keener interest in the job and stop all this bloody doom and gloom from people no longer at it and others that only look on.

    young ronnie
    Feb 15 2011 07:52 PM
    Nowadays just like it was 20 odd years ago when I was in 50-60 footers Flyingfish,there were lads that's werenae in the new boat league and never would be.I wouldnae have paid of a spanking new boat then(or now!)and neither would they,but we werenae bad fishermen or didnae have any ambition..we were just normal run of the mill men that made a living,no a fortune,and were perfectly happy with that.Like a lot of others,my boats werenae top notch stuff,but no shite heaps either,plenty good enough tae make a decent living for four men.There were plenty cheaper "starter boats" then too and that's the point I was making before...you can't halt progress,nobody in their right senses would want that,but what will you need to start at the fishing 10 or 15 years from now(whether you're a youngster or even somebody a wee bit older) if there's no older boats left? Does that mean that unless you get a decent modern boat handed down through the family or get yourself into hock for megabucks for a new one then the fishing is a closed shop to you?I'm no saying keep every 40/50 year old wooden plug and block up all the harbours with them,but surely some of these better,newer ones could have been mothballed for the future? There will come a time when we will be wishing that we had,of that I'm certain.
    well the way i see if you carnt afford to keep boats running an no1 wants to bye them theres no other option is there couse if you do keep ya might be rolling ya self in to  det there for you cannit keep a pay if you not catchin is well

    Feb 15 2011 08:42 PM
    right-i`ll be the first to admit when i`d the wrong end of the stick-i was reading another post of johntars and realised that the decom scheme is not like ireland where you loose your vessels v.c.u`s-and that was my whole point that through withdrawal of capacity it would make everything dearer for a new entrant as the less of anything the more expensive it gets. while it is undoubtedly a shame to see these scrapped-time has to roll on. scrapping your boat and being let to keep the licence is much more acceptable 8:)