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I'm back filing after a very long break

Former Alex Noble-built ringer-trawler, etc Vigilant awaits her fate in Macduff

    awe well fair comment that, so how you keepin still the driver and babysitter?

    Feb 18 2011 11:01 PM
    I wis in Macduff and Buckie today, and I must correct the almost unforgivable mistakes I made in an earlier post. I should have known better , that the VIGILANT was built by Alex Noble in Girvan, fairly obvious by the thistle emblem on her stem as most, if not all Noble boats had . I was going by her stern ; which looked similar to FLOURISH and FAVOUR fae Hopeman. Also I was wrong with the KAIRON; as she was built by TOMPSONS ( TAPPIES ) In Buckie.. I hope I hinna upset anybody by my sheer carelesness , if so, then appologies... 8:)
    probably the least of our worries baden!  divvent fas yersel!!