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I'm back filing after a very long break

Former Alex Noble-built ringer-trawler, etc Vigilant awaits her fate in Macduff

    Feb 12 2011 11:32 AM
    i completely agree rad-all this will do in the long term is drive fishing assets into the hands of companies- as you say remove the bottom rungs of the ladder you leave everyone on the ladder on and those off the ladder having to go cap in hand to those on the ladder for a job. now i know anywhere that you need a balanced fleet to sustainably fish and you can`t afford overcapacity in any area-but i still don`t see the benefit of scrapping something like this-she doesn`t need to earn millions to give her crew a wage,she doesn`t waste a huge lump of quota to the bank and up her lum etc-you could let ten of these old girls fish if you just decommisioned one of the big modern ones-and leave a lot more in the industry. now we would all like flashy new high tech boats that makes our life safer and easier-that`s the way it`s always been and you need new builds now that should in theory provide decent second hand boats again coming up the ladder-but i would still be more in favour of forcing a de commisioning from the top rungs rather than the bottom

    Jay Cresswell
    Feb 12 2011 11:40 AM
    you hit the nail on the head
    top rung, not bottom rung, is where the focus should be in terms of reducing catching capacity
    People like our current fishery minister north of the border ... Richard Lochhead ... and the policy makers have to wake up to that fact
    The pic of the former beamer turned super-scalloper that I also posted last night demonstrates very clearly how badly out of kilter EU and subordinate UK/Scottish policies are

    PS: Message to the Administrator ... just because I didn't post on this site for months is surely not reason enough to demote be to "deckie" ... And what happend to the many posts that I have made in the past?
    Pics may have been removed or forum might have been cleaned up at some point Jay so comments would have been removed and that could count to why your comments count has been changed

    Jay Cresswell
    Feb 12 2011 02:02 PM
    wheedie ... all pix still in the system ... whcih is great ... mostly the ring netter model

    Feb 12 2011 02:11 PM
    i could never understand the logic of leaving the most costly boats in terms of effort on fish stocks in the fleet. at some stage we are going to have to say -we have `x`amount of fish-what is our most sustainable,profitable and the most beneficial in terms of job creation to use this asset. driving it all into the hands of the few is not the answer. if we are going to have a future in the industry we have to at least address these issues.
    , Might be others pics  that are now gone and not yours though Jay which is the most probable cause of deletion of posts

    Jay Cresswell
    Feb 12 2011 02:16 PM

    johntar tt10
    Feb 12 2011 02:28 PM
    Am afraid it is the only way out for some men, also it really is an economic issue in that since the banking crisis banks will not lend anymore than a maximum of 50% on the value of the hull only, they also set a % that can be borrowed depending on age of boat, any prospective buyer then has to fund license, track record and days, also interest rates, security and price of setting up any bank loan is astronomical, in other words the market in purchasing an older boat to get a step on the ladder of boat ownership is effectively closed to the younger guys wanting to progress.
    The majority of the market in selling older boats is stagnent, those who want to sell cannot and those who want to buy cannot unless they get funding from private sources.

    Jay Cresswell
    Feb 12 2011 03:26 PM
    Aye John
    its a terrible situation
    how are the TT boats doing these days?
    scratching a crust ... justabout?
    The gov wants to get rid of this boat, make sure it cannot fish again , if it's not registered for fishing surely it can't fish again who seriously would be prepared to use an unregistered and  unlicensed boat  it wouldn't be any easier using this than one  of the many  ex fishing boats around the country , am I missing something ?, why not at least save the cost of scrapping  I think someone would buy it for a few quid