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I'm back filing after a very long break

Former Alex Noble-built ringer-trawler, etc Vigilant awaits her fate in Macduff

    that a decomissioning chop up then Jay

    tragic, as looks to have plenty life left in her
    thats right mark she getin the chop..was up there last sunday getin swag off her
    bugger! you could have nicked me the wheelhouse!

    Jay Cresswell
    Feb 11 2011 11:43 PM
    Have just snet the following to Richard Lochhead, given his current role in the sorry tale of Scotland's fishing industry

    I should like to draw your attention to a set of decommissioning photos that I have just posted on the www.trawlerpictures.net website ... search under DEATH ROW MACDUFF. You might find it enlightening
    But the most enlightening of all is in imatge of a super-scalloper lying in Macduff today for some yard work. Search under SUSTAINABLE FISHING ... NO WAY

    Caption reads: Former Dutch beamer turned super-scalloper lies in Macduff
    If anyone thinks this is a sustainable way of fishing, then they need their heads looking at ... in Brussels, at DEFRA and aboard the vessels themselves
    These are the vessels that need chopping up, NOT the Vigilants of this world

    Actually, your department needs its head looking at too,

    Kind regards
    Jeremy Cresswell
    Energy, AREG, formerly of WFA, SFIA, World Fishing, etc
    them fukas dont give 2 fuks jay ...there pay is in the fkn bank every month weather its a fukin northerly gale or not...and shite pricess does mean fuk all 2 them
    there cant be many nobles o girvan ringers left in the industry now??

    would it not be more sensible for the likes of this one to go to the fisheries museum and be kept for the history side of things
    Death row ! what's that all about ?So strange for a person to be posting photo's of fishing boat's that have now come to the end of there useful life without taking the mick ! To be in a successful business of any kind whether on land or sea,you must be in a position to make the business viable,is the way forward Death Row or should they build a new vessel in the material's of today ?It's nice to post a photo of a vessel but dont think there is any need to run down some poor old fishing boat..........................I have great faith in the fishermen as well as the trades involved and breaking up a few old boat's keep's silver in their pocket's and their familiys fed.

    Jay Cresswell
    Feb 12 2011 01:00 AM
    I'm not being misty-eyed ... far from it
    But this latest decom round demonstrates just how sick this industry is
    If this was a healthy industry, vessels would be replaced as a matter of course through good business practice without the need for enforced scrappings of this kind. Nor would there be a need for subsidy (not that we have one therse days
    A healthy industry needs effective management at multpile levels, not least within the industry itself, let alone government. Most of all it means using fishing practices (including energy efficient vessel designs and gear) that assure sustainability. Carry on the way we are and there will be no Scottish fish catching industry worth a toss 10 years from now.
    Don't see how the boat is being run down.  

    Sad fact is death row is the perfect description.  The thing is to be executed when it could still be put to a good use out side of fishing
    alot of them boats that have been chopped up are not at the end of their life how you can say that fukd if i know mid 80s built boats built by some of the best boat builders in the land it breks my heart seening the way this job has gone since i started twenty years ago they boats would have been the stepping ladder for the young lads trying to come through this job trying to step up a size not going to happen now you can just imagine a young lad going to a bank and asking to borrow 1or 2 million to build a new boat  :idiot2:without the older boats there for young lads to buy how are we ever going to keep this proud fishing industrie going with out young blood coming into the job  8:) ???