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Rusting wreck of the Peterhead vessel Fairweather, on the shore at Holmar , South Uist.

    Feb 08 2011 10:41 PM
    Gee Bee   if it wisna for you and folk like you and us../this site widna exist...its great to share memories and experiences that we have had...some of us maybee have forgotten some things.......age or auld age is an affa thing...but at least weare still here to tell the tale ..and, thankfully..what we have forgotten about...we are sure ..with your superior memory and great crac, youll fill in the memory blancs . Thank you . Gee Bee. ;D ;D
    To George and all the boy's,it's good to talk........as you said George we had no need of all the present day 'boy's toy's' we were all happy.I think in a way the North Sea being so close to our door's in those day's made us all appreciate all the good thing's in life.Give me back those day's and I would be what my late mother alway's called me a 'millionare without money' Thank's again for the memorie's........Roberta did make it big in Edinburgh selling wedding dresses for very large amount's of money,but I think she struck hard time's a few year's ago.Her Mum Veda must have sold a pram to everyone in the town.

    Feb 08 2011 11:30 PM
    Im almost sure ive got this wrong...but what very famous poet said....I must go down to the sea again ..to the lonley sea and the sky....and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by ..I  think it might Tenniyson ..but could be wrong....

    Feb 09 2011 12:11 AM
    A less famous poet, the late Willie Watt of Gamrie, sometime cook of the motor drifter Watchful, BF107, used to recite
    "I must go down to the sea again,
    To the rolling sea and the sky,
    Where I left my shirt and my socks hung up,
    And I hope that they'll be dry."

    Feb 09 2011 12:16 AM
    I dare say some folk will be scunnered wi me aye be chipping in but Im prepared to face the flac ....My great hero wis Peter Buchan..the writer ,storyteller and poet... aathing that he wrote about ..or said aboot Peterhead wis in my mind true..Some folk didna like Peter..cos he telt the truth..and of course it upset some folk..But I read and liked aathing that he wrote about......He wis my hero ..cos maybee some things I say disna meet wi approval..but thanks to Trawler Pictures....at least I can get a chance to put across my views.......such as they are..
    I'm thinkin' you guys must've been eatin' haggis and neeps since Burns' Nicht. Haud in anither speenfu' .. ye'll be poets yet!!. Douglas, that's her .. the same Roberta. Fair heided (that's the Viking in her).
    Baden, like yersel' I love PB's stuff. Every time I read "Back o' Sunday", it's so atmospheric, I think I'm "lettin' go" the rope..                "Click of heelhouse switches, see the sidelights glow
                              Ruby red and emerald on the frosted snow.
                              Splash of ropes on water; stamp of snow-soled feet,
                              Swirling of propellors, diesel's steady beat.
                              Masthead lights a-gleaming; single line ahead;
                              Spreading out a little once they clear the Head.
                              Deep and dark the silence now that they are gone,
                              Eastward on the waters - eastward to the dawn".

    It was John Masefield who wrote about "going down to the sea again" but that disna maitter. Ye can feel the spray in yer face fan ye read it! Gavin, "Veda was yer man, if ye wanted a pram" Well, that's NEARLY poetry!!!  ;D

    bryan DE127
    Feb 09 2011 12:42 AM
    I like it George ;D ;D ;D
    Hope this is nae like the aul' Kelvin Hughes MS24 sounder, cos if it is, we'll soon rin oot o' paper!! Driftfisher .. Wullie Watt's version is new to me, but that soun's like him. Watch yer FEET goin' aft this poor nicht!!!!

    Feb 09 2011 01:04 AM
    This might sound like an extract from a fairy tale.. but up untill acouple oo years ago, I used to like to pay a visit to Boddam on a Sunday morningn..cos I like Boddam...and  I  spoke to a mannie  .one cauld raw day....and while i was asking aboot this boat owner and that boat owner..he just stood there grimly,..and I liked how he described the demise of at least two of the boat owners.....he simply said... o..hees lat go the tail and he lat go the tait.....echos o the Drift Net days  ;D
    an here's me lying in mi bunk on a multi million poond seiner/trawler we wifi my lap top and my ipad we me.all the home comforts..steaming through the sea listening t all the old tales..magik...boothie i mine fan da teen hame een o at funcy sledges fae norway we the steerin wheel and handbrake,we thought we wer i bees knees,at must be 30 some eer ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!