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Sweet Smelling

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  • Uploaded: Feb 01 2011 01:52 PM
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Sweet Smelling

2 lifts o dead rotten stinkin mackeril tane last trip, could i thank the pelagic boat that slipped these as its just what ye want fin ye haul.

    Simply because the thread was getting too heated which is bollocks, it was just a good bit o banter with diffrent members havin diffrent views, affraid some cant see it that way  ;D

    caveat emptor
    Feb 03 2011 05:17 PM
    That's just pathetic, It's quite easy and amusing to play frogger at his own game, some people just rose to him to easily after all it's merely some text on a screen.

    If he's been banned then that's a sad reflection on the shipsnostalgia admin.
    @bryan DE127 great point mate ;D
    aye we got the same we herrin 2 triops ago feckin humming
    anyone thought about the merits of giving this pic to HFW and his Fish Fight?

    Feb 05 2011 09:44 PM
    Its a terrible thing and something that it seems is not allowed to be spoken about..Ive been to that job ,,(pelagic fishing ( and know what happens.. Our association which represents the handline fishery,,tried to join the Sustainabity M.S.C. tag, but the cost was way beyond our reach..........and we only use hooks.. ;D ;D
    yi could aye feed that shit ti the seals ;D ;D