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Sweet Smelling

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  • Uploaded: Feb 01 2011 01:52 PM
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Sweet Smelling

2 lifts o dead rotten stinkin mackeril tane last trip, could i thank the pelagic boat that slipped these as its just what ye want fin ye haul.

    happy haddock
    Feb 01 2011 05:40 PM
    had the same problem last trip ally.we were probaly 100s mls from you.good curn other lads the same.smell the net when it comes up.nae even taking em aboard.
    Aye aye got ye Sandy, the cod-end was actualy oot and the workin section in bits this haul and there was still this in her.
    it fairly wakens u up
    lovely haul ally


    would take a gallon or two o fairy liquid ot clear the stench
    Ran oot o bilgex half way through the trip James, near every haul ye were gettin deed mackerel but this haul just took the biscuit  ;D
    Aye aye AAlly aint you glad Kermit aint on here , thats some sotter, bet you were glad you werent hung ower
    the stench jist hangs about for days if no weeks an all ally

    bryan DE127
    Feb 02 2011 12:32 AM
    And I thought they put a jigger over the side before they shot to see if it was big or small in the mark to stop slipping fish . ;D
    Aye Willie the toad man was in form last night eh  ;D

    Aye James its a job ti get rid o the stench, even inside reeks o it, take a wee while afore she get's rid o it.

    This dead mackerel is all over the place Bryan, they were getting this East o Shetland afore Xmas, now the pelagic fleet have moved West were into the firing line now  ;D

    caveat emptor
    Feb 03 2011 06:31 AM
    Why did they remove them from shipsnostalgia ?