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could u c this in a real poor day

could u c this in a real poor day

    Its a bungalow, I'd recognise one of them anywhere  ;D

    johntar tt10
    Nov 22 2008 12:11 AM
    and an extention going on next door, who gets the cokynut?

    quiet waters
    Nov 22 2008 12:20 AM
    yes, i can, i just clicked on the pic to open it then on the pic to zoom in, if its a really bad day and we get a power cut then my laptop will run on battery for a while, tho if the phonelines go down then no, i couldn't log on to see it!!!!

    quiet waters
    Nov 22 2008 12:21 AM
    see those bouys in your pic? bet you wouldn't see them on a poor day?

    johntar tt10
    Nov 22 2008 12:35 AM
    Naw, cannae see anything QW blowed it up to 400% must be something tae do with the hooses ashore, maybe the mannie in the car taking pic's of RJ jnr?

    quiet waters
    Nov 22 2008 12:45 AM
    don't know what he's on aboot, keeps telling me he can see that man far enough?

    johntar tt10
    Nov 22 2008 01:03 AM
    Shang a lang is the most photed boat in Loch Fyne, Furnace store ran oota battries last week too give to Sinclair he was fotoing RJ jnr that much, never mind the videos he took in between, follows the Shang a lang up and dooon the loch in his car clicking away at every chance. Away and look at the Minna foto in the Non Commercial Vessels Vessels for the comments.

    Adoration II
    Nov 22 2008 07:58 AM
    he got his wife hiding behind cars takin pics 2 must like ma boats lol
    think if he is shooting that dangerously close to the prawn tows he would have decent markers on the man who has these may well say they they are decent its ok for him he knows where they are ....

    quiet waters
    Nov 22 2008 10:18 AM
    by law he should have a big dhan with a flashing light on top of it, i find those bouys offensive and intend to complain to the BBC about them, i'm even going to start a facebook petition (no idea what that is but i read they are all the rage)
    as a council tax payer i object to having to pay for helensburgh, thats a different story but as well as that i object to council tax money being used to refurbish layby's in mid argyll so that weegie incomers can suruptic, suraptish, so they can secretly photograph a boy trying hard to make a pound to feed his kids, thats tantamu, tartarmoun, thats stalking that is, whats the munter with people like that, don't they realise while they sit in their freshly tarred layby the people of south kintyre have to make do with glorified cart tracks that the b astards at kilmory call roads.
    first they take all the money, then they take all the jobs, now they want all the water too? its just not on, and on top of that they appear to be trying to act in a confrontational manner by putting the lives as well as the liveliehoods of others at risk, its not on, officialdom has to put a stop to this NOW!!!!! failing that, someone needs to take a wee drive up the road and stop to take pics of them taking pics of others, oh i wish i drove, i could easily waste a day doing that, if they asked why i was taking pics i'd just say "sorry, i am not at liberty to disclose that information at this time"
    or just "i'm naw telling you, ya slant bint"