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Never be seen again

Never be seen again

a few boxes o fish at the back o the island 74

    johntar tt10
    Nov 20 2008 12:02 AM
    Better at 2nd attempt Jammy, Pops looks in braw trim with that pluck

    homeward bound
    Nov 20 2008 09:21 AM
    is that geordie roy next to your old man james ?
    aye john i was just born that year see the smiles on the faces must hae been a good one,
    got a new scanner there and still having "fun" getting used to it

    yip orville that is the man himself think its graham with the head cut off or maybe TC??
    think i was aboard when this was taken james,haul of hake from north hole
    You were always in aboot stuff sylvester ;D ;D ;D
    date on the picture is
    22/2/74 cod back o island
    u woonae even be on the bus then jammy
    i was just a hairy arsed boy,Davie.out with linty and george when they came aboard you would of thought they had won the pools
    june i was born bisto this was feb

    tell us this johhny did linty put the gloves on at this time?;D
    Got u jammy , well scratchers just goin to his scatcher,were no all aboard the torch ovarrrr ;D ;D ;D