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AARR? more like ARR DE AARR AARR!!!!

AARR? more like ARR DE AARR AARR!!!!

when you send your mother a package from florida make sure your wife doesn't include any pics of you that make you look as if you work forthe glazers at the weekend, and no, i don't mean you play for man utd, you fire the cannon on the pirate ship when the tampa buccs score a touchdown!!!!

    thats no the chief of operations down in somalia is it?

    Nov 21 2008 10:17 AM
    if it is he`d be worth stickin close to at the bar-i hear they`re wantin 25million for the tanker- were definately at the wrong game- could have a new site an all-trawlerpirates!

    quiet waters
    Nov 21 2008 09:50 PM
    if your on the east coast of the USA and want industrial air conditioning, then he's your man!!!! i asked him if he had a belt on as it was hard to see? not that i would A) dress like that or ;D allow anyone to take a pic