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Kelvin K2 powered Compressor

Kelvin K2 powered Compressor

One of the old Kelvin K2 Powered compressors in the machine room at Ardnamurchan Lighthouse.  I gave the handle a good swing, wee splash o petrol and a bit of diesel I could have had her running and the old horn going again!

    young ronnie
    Jan 10 2011 04:07 PM
    A nice wee touch of nostalgia when I look at that beast there Mark.The good old K2,swung on the handle of one of them an odd time or three.They would start as easy as wink if ye just got the swing right.44 Clydesdales at 750 turns...just pure power ;)
    three of em in there, 2 compressors, 1 genny, all in superb condition and a storeroom full of spares sat right next to em, Apparently they had a full overhaul when they were switched off, just in case

    couldn't resist giving one a swing, I swear they were desperate to fire!

    young ronnie
    Jan 10 2011 05:27 PM
    Great machines in their day Mark,and pretty easily maintained with the minimum of tools.A good old slogger of an engine,could move the Old Man's wee 40 footer no too bad.I've heard of 48 ft. ringers with 44s in,just shows you what they would shove along.When ye see how low the holding down bolts were,it's hardly surprising that they needed the stay bars to keep them steady in a wooden boat...ask anybody who ever had a stay come adrift..they were chasing the engine round the engine room ;)
    the engine mounts and the brackets for the stay bars are still in place in Pansy's engine room.

    be nice if the old K3 was still in her in some way, but then again, simply turning a key and your away with the Ford  has its advantages!

    young ronnie
    Jan 10 2011 05:41 PM
    There are times with nostalgia where you really have to draw the line Mark...getting up in the morning after a few broon ales the night before,and having to swing a 66 is way beyond that line! Stick to a 120 Ford ;)
    We had a K3 in the Easter Morn and a J3 in the Fruitful and big balls Ronnie !

    young ronnie
    Jan 10 2011 07:55 PM
    Aye,they would definately be swollen balls Norman,the way these bug*ers kicked back at times! If yon handle didnae give ye bruised arms and legs or a sore back it was the law of averages that it would get ye somewhere else just a wee bit more painful.We can laugh about it now,but I doubt if we saw the funny side when it happened ;)

    homeward bound
    Jan 10 2011 08:07 PM
    ;) if anybody can name the first fishing boat to have a kelvin engine fitted, she was kintyre based  ;)
    three brothers cn170

    homeward bound
    Jan 10 2011 08:21 PM
    have it as  THE BROTHERS  fitted in 1907  7hp ?