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two ian paiton designs

two ian paiton designs


    are they not the same hulls davie just different layout ??
    layout insides are very different , hulls look a bit different out of water , i think pleiades is a meter or so longer,

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Jan 08 2011 10:26 PM
    Pleiades a meter longer,we went for the big galley and cabin they went for loads of space on deck and a big hold.Philip and Garry will be retiring in the next 2 or 3 year and i will still be walking around wi the arse hangin out of me breeks when im 64.
    did bisto gie you a cd for xmas bob ??
    that sounds helluva like his war cry lol

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Jan 08 2011 10:54 PM
    Here sunshine ure in the same catagory as Bisto.Ure aye in for some reason or away on a jolly wi someone else taking your boat,i prob do the same hours in a year as the two of you put together an i dont do it for the love of it.Your muckers reckon that even dufus coooo does more hours than you at the sea.
    hahahahaha you got to have a happy balance of work and shore time bob

    bisto and you are from the same mould have seen that

    the dam good fishermen one

    two bonny boats in the pic tho
    Dont listen to him Jammy he's always pled POVERTY  it was bred into him by his faither and Young Pete.................lol
    so was it bob that trained bisto into it ??or was that mcnab

    if you listen to bisto on the vhf or the phone you would need to go to the doc for anti depressants lol
    think they good buds coz there as if they are oot the same pod..............lol

    The only time he says hes got a few was when hes was at the SPRATS at the prawns he should be oot the game how bad hes done just the same as McNab
    its true enough wat old mans sayin was oot 2 days fur nuthin jammy.,he says the only man thats makin money is yer sell,he says yir a snapper   ;)  ;)  ;)