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Seen trying to leave North Berwick on a breezy day hope he never caught any big ones

    is that the boy that snaped a 15 stone halibut and towed it ti the beach O0 ???
    What's the wee screen thingy on the front of his kayak for?   ???
    fish finder or a chartplotter fishfinder combo

    there's quite a few lads down here fish the inshore wrecks all year round from 'yaks and do pretty well
    Thanks for the info markh, I did wonder if it was a fishfinder and then thought that that was a pretty stupid thought of mine!!   ??? O0
    checks this out,,,,,,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqVEvNocKTA
    did he catch anything apart from the cold  ???
    he never went past the entrance ,it was a bit choppy outside the harbour wall(plus it was bl**dy freezin)

    young ronnie
    Jan 07 2011 06:52 PM
    Three letters say it all...FFS !!...nae wonder we need lifeboats.
    noo noo ronnie thats no fair, the guy has taken the precution o wairin a nice warm wooly hat :P ??? O0