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More snow and ice

More  snow  and  ice

Canal  frozen  2nd  week

    its a great stretch o water willie min but looks something else covered over wi snow and ice hard to imagine the boats pass here just now
    Aye James you should of seen the ones he took of the Ben and Coul A blanket of fog in between the two looked smart as hell
    Hey  wull  hoo  mony  picters  d'ye  hae  to  pit  on  here  ti'  get  promotion,I've  pit  on  70  er  80  picterz  n'  still  a  deckie. Think  i'll  hae  ti'  post  on  yon  idder  site. ??? O0
    Nithin ti dee wi picturs , its posts on i forum that changes yi fae deckie  ti a skipper like me ???