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Model boat club display at North Queensferry boat festival in September 2010

    It was a great day out, we were there with Christina II, the models were good and the other boats that came from Anstruther and Whitehaven really made the event, looks like it will happen again next year, hopefully Reaper will manage next year

    Aye it was a great day oot
    The freshly made Arbroath smokies were brilliant!
    It's on again next year.
    has it got a website? i go to the boat festival at portsoy every year if i can
    It's Fife Council that organised the event.  The model boat club is Rosyth That me in the red jacket with my two boats on the table. Reaper and White Wing from Fisheries I think will be there.  The rowing clubs and other old fishing boats attend.
    The date this year 27th Aug 2011.  When I get more info I will post it

    Will taylor
    Feb 18 2011 07:55 PM
    Count me in, Myrtle!  Knew nothing about last years event.  Would like to know EVERYTHING about this year's.
    This year's show is now being held on Sunday 28th August 2011. An other event in the village is be held on the Saturday and this is the reason for the change of date.

    Will taylor
    Dec 04 2011 09:35 AM
    Do you have a date for 2012, Myrtle. I  have very few commitments next year.