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Richard Lochead on his way back from Brussels to a melt down

Richard Lochead on his way back from Brussels to a melt down

Richard Lochead on his way back from Brussels to a melt down!!

    Quote from Richard Lochhead:
    Scottish Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead, who took part in the negotiations, said: "These tough and exhausting talks have delivered positives for Scotland in some areas and disappointments in others.

    "The future remains challenging for many Scottish fishermen, nevertheless I believe that we have done everything we can to secure a fair deal for Scotland, and to show the commission that we are pushing for significant change in fisheries management."

    FAIR???...................Huh......yip time for changes in Fisheries Management I think, and for the better rather than at the expence of the Fisherman and his dependent Community.
    be as well pitin a snaw mannie ower ere t spik,bunch o clowns
    Absolute feckin shables once again, just heard one of the west coast leaders been sacked too.......
    Richard Lochhead writes " As part of the new effort limitation scheme all twin-riggers are to be replaced with the type of craft I am trialing here" You should able to replace existing nets by ones more suitable in size by going to a shop that sells these wee nets on the end of a cane... by removing the cane... blah ,blah. This should secure the future of ...eh dinghy manufacturers."  ;D
    a just realised seals and polititians have alote in common,  ;D both species are on a never ending gravytrain. seals eat ther way through a horrific amount o fish and contribute feck all back just like polititions who award themselves payrises , expenses and freebes and then generally shit on us , quota lotterys  ;D coastguard station closures, RAF bases closing, aircraft carriers decomed , jump jets retired, the list goes on an on ;D westminster are thinkin aboot closing coast guard stations ti save somethin like 7 million , when the auditor general will not sighn off accounts that dont tally up to the tune o 98 million and this is money all ti do with there payment of expenses ti these parasites , alarm bells  ;D

    young ronnie
    Dec 17 2010 02:43 PM
    There's always any amount of money available for the right people and the right PC causes Davie.If yer face fits there's a bottomless pit o' pound notes waiting tae get flung at ye.Only snag is,our definition of decent folk and good causes isnae the same as them that's responsible for handing out the dosh.
    aye ronnie spot on if yir lookin fir a slack billion or 2 fir a wind farm or 2 , away you go mate the moneys in your account nay bother  ;D