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best place for these lawds

best place for these lawds

keepin ma heed warm wi aw that icy weather on the way boys lol

    young ronnie
    Nov 23 2010 12:45 PM
    No Davie,yon fella ye spoke tae didnae say "wear the fox hat",he said "where the fuc*'s that?" ;D
    two heads better then one ha
    ronnie a dinny hi such a full heed o hair these days like yirself  so am a firm beleiver in using whit nature puts at oor disposal ;D theres so many o these we chaps runnin aboot the toon these days best make good use o them   ;D ;D

    young ronnie
    Nov 23 2010 06:48 PM
    Aye Davie,they're no the nice wee cuddly Basil Brash critters like some folk would want ye tae believe..just ask onybody that ever had yin get in among their hens,what their opinion o' them is.
    looks like that fox could tell a TAIL orTWO!!

    young ronnie
    Nov 24 2010 09:27 PM
    Anster's answer tae Davy Crockett...hey min,which wey tae the Alamo? ;D
    you better git a chin strap fir it tho or it wull be a flying fox in the windy weather ;D
    a nice sealskin jeket next on the list  ;D ;D  ;D
    whit dae you git seals lying at the side o the road in fife as well as foxes?;D??

    young ronnie
    Nov 24 2010 11:00 PM
    It wid amaze ye what ye'll see lying at the side o' the road efter chuckin' oot time in Anster ;D