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Briar FR.48

Briar  FR.48

    last time i saw briar was hull marina early 2000 live aboard

    Feb 19 2011 02:50 PM
    My granda was a boatbuilder, and was working in Forbes boatyard when the BRIAR was built in Sandhaven..His son , my uncle worked in a bank, and he emigrated to South Africa.in the late 40s.A few years later, his sister,, my auntie emigrated to Australia.. In the late 19 90s my uncle was visiting her in Adelaide.. and one day he was having a walk or drive round the docks there,, when there she was ...the BRIAR  FR 48 lying alongside the pier.. She had a very long mast, and was well rigged for sail..He sent a letter about it to the local paper, and it was published, I had a copy which i kept , but sadly ,seem to have mislaid it  8:)