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PD.414 name unknown

PD.414  name unknown

    Was this one called Boy Alex when the wheelhouse was aft?
    She was one of the Broch yawls that suffered a lot of damage in a bad storm. The yawls were caught in the storm, and couldn't get into the Broch for heavy seas. Some loss of life that day. Can't remember the year (early 60s possibly), or the yawl's name. Maybe Ocean Swell, but not sure. David Strachan of PD bought the wrecked boat, and rebuilt her with his own hands in Peterhead where Grampian Sea Fishing office is now. He named her Boy Alex PD414.
    His brother Alex (Curly) Strachan was lost along with all his crew on Ocean Maid PD391 in 1962, during a storm.
    Not Ocean Swell Geebee she is now the Venture BRD179 was also known as the Girl Avril
    Thanks, Wullie. There was another yawl came to PD and was converted into a nice pleasure craft. She was Fair Morn. Again, not sure of original name. They were all bonny boats.
    The  twa  yoles  that  went  ashore  at  the  Broch were  the  Morning Star  and  Easter Morn  both  crews  were  lost. I  think  Cameron  bought  the  twa  hulls  think  it  was  October 1959  that  it  happened. A  few  of  us  were  at  the  four corners  that  days  twas a  real storm.The  Ocean Swell  was  said  to  do  a  roll over  when  rinnin'  south  to Peterhead
    ive pics of fair morn built tommy summers put them on here before but all my pics have dissapeared since website change ill post it again,was for sale last year in orkney 12k braw boat!!