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PD.330 name unknown

PD.330 name unknown

    Martin Johns
    Nov 17 2010 09:38 AM
    I think its the Goodwill.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Nov 17 2010 07:06 PM
    Looks like a Summer's yole. Nice lines.

    billy summers
    Jan 29 2011 09:53 PM
    goodwill was a fifie ;D
    its like a double barrelled name,,
    is it mebey the DAWN PEARL. that ended up in port seton?;D?;D?
    then went tae germany and is getting a big do up?

    Feb 01 2011 04:11 AM
    i think it might be the ex Broch yawl VIRTEOUS  called SARAH LOUISE ...or a name something like that ... ;D

    Feb 01 2011 06:11 AM
    I think you mean GOODWAY billy s ... The DAWN PEARL was built as  GOODWAY in  FORBES  Sandhaven . The first GOODWAY was  a type of a fifie ..the propeller  was in the fore side of a false sternpost ..just like the  DAUNTLESS STAR  ,RESTLESS WAVE , SHARRON ROSE, MARY JANE ,MARY MAY etc ,They were  all  built in FORBES yard  in  the Broch ..The VIRTIOUS  was built by TOMMY SUMMERS .. ;D

    Angus Grant
    Feb 01 2011 09:38 AM
    She is very similar to the Dawn Pearl but its not her. To my eye she is not a Summers either.

    billy summers
    Mar 20 2011 10:39 PM
    stand corrected ,goodway it was sister to our old one golden way,built as korea then flo before we bought her . ;)