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    now if they jist run a pier fae the west corner of the new harbour right out to the farthest bit rock at the light, that would deflect the sw, motion away into loch nevis instead of ending up in the new bit, would it no??????

    Jul 30 2010 05:42 PM
    Aye, I agree, that place is a nightmare and can only be used by the biggest boats during sou'westerlys.  The worst of it is that it can appear ok until you actually get to the wall and try to tie up. Then you realise how much surge there is in the place.  Its only 2-3 metres deep out to the sgier and wouldnt take much to sort. A shame when they spent so much on altering the place. Maybe they'r worried that it will all silt up if they close it off??
    if the new marina development goes ahead they might find they need to.  Can only imagine the fun watching the yotties trying to bounce there way in

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Jul 30 2010 07:23 PM
    Mallaig is a very sad wee place today after the funeral of Kieth Eddie.Any fisherman who has landed in Mallaig would know him as a fishsalesman and fork lift driver.For generations of us growing up in the area he was also the face behind the famous Neptune Disco.A sad Loss.
    sorry to hear that bob i was in mallaig from early eighties till the end of the eighties and i remember him well . he was a gentleman i also remember the disco's as well. the good old days
    A genuine community spirited man, who would have helped anyone, Mallaig wont be the same without him.
    can anyone remember when he played drums in fergie macdonalds band in the seventies i started coming to mallaig at that time and a very welcoming face was kieths whether you were deckhand or skipper it made no difference to kieth you were treated with the same respect and kindness a true gentleman rest in peace old son
    very sad loss for his family and for mallaig and everyone who knew him pure gentleman sadly missed never forgoten rip keith from skipper and crew o the harvest moon