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Westerdale N282

Westerdale N282

Westerdale being scrapped at Fraserburgh after being badly damaged after hitting the pier in Fraserburgh in fog.

    Nov 17 2008 04:58 PM
    last boat built by the mevagh yard,co.donegal as alegna. first boat was `vine`-motor zulu for my grandfather.
    was this one the old alegna 2, with the forward wheelhouse?

    Nov 23 2008 07:48 PM
    yep that`s her mc stout
    I remember her in greencastle, she was a fine boat, wasn't she rammed a few years ago aswell.

    Adoration II
    Nov 23 2008 09:36 PM
    could do way some o her the now no kindlers left coal fire on adoration young fla said can u not break up lid o seat locker and get new 1 moro wat a nipple