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HMS Dasher

HMS Dasher

Aircraft Carrier Firth of Clyde, Multibeam Sonar Images. Still sitting the right way up.

Size Of Vessel 130m
Port Registry UK
Vessel Name HMS Dasher

    what software system is that from?
    to expensive for fishermen aprox 100,000
    the taits might not agree with that statment  O0
    what's the rental ?  O0 O0
    "to expensive for fishermen"

    have to say, not the best brand name I could think of to attract customers!

    Barry McCrindle
    Oct 28 2010 02:48 PM
    just ask Jammy he has probably got 2 in the wheelhouse just in case   O0
    thats the price of the software double that for the eqipment i forgot about the big boys in north east they will have one in each boat and probably one in the hoose as well
    Hear is a link to the history and a pic http://www.fleetaira...ips/DASHER.html
    thanks for the info little bud theres also a very good book about the sinking of dasher by a chap called steel from ardrossan where some of the bodies were buried after the tragedy
    There are some friends of my fathers on Arran who actually saw it blow up . They said there was a huge flash. This  which got their attention and then the ship seemed to lift out the water. Then seconds later the huge bang of the explosion reached them. Due to wartime restrictions there was a lot of confusion/rumours as what had actually happened.
    They were convinced there was u-boats getting into the clyde despite the boom defences being in place.

    Really interesting pic !