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Couldn't make out the name when I passed her in the Sound of Kerrera a few weeks ago.A tidy wee ship and a bonny conversion,she looks "just right".Has the cut of a Jimmy Noble's 40 footer about her,but maybe I'm wrong.Anybody know?

    NOT A CLUE Ronnie...but there, that's stuck it on the recent comments for you lol  :laugh: O0 O0 ???
    theyve got these amazing things nowadays, called    BINOCULARS  !!!!!!!!!

    young ronnie
    Oct 25 2010 06:30 PM
    The "bins" I'm using date from 1975 and my eyes from 1950...both are gey sair misted up and no awfae clear vision..a toss up which o' them's the worst :laugh:
    aye they say life begins at 40,
    what they didny add was it begins tae deteriorate,etc...
    no be long mebey santa will be guid tae ye.....:laugh:?O0?
    she,s no bad lookin right enough ,pity aboot identification,
    surely kens where he,s gaun weel enough ower there.......
    at very left of pic looks like a seagull standin on a rock?O0????

    young ronnie
    Oct 26 2010 04:34 PM
    Ease her back a bit when ye see the maws wading..when they're standing on a rock it's high time ye were gaun astern O0
    cutter three . ex aberdeen pilot boat. millers built i think. 40ft with gardner 5lw
    thanks buster, theres usually someone who knows,,,,,

    young ronnie
    Oct 29 2010 04:35 PM
    Cheers for the info Buster.That's the last yard I would have thought of,she just didnae have the Miller's look about her,especially the stern..more like a Nobles of the Broch job..shows ye how much I ken! A bonny wee conversion anyway,no spoiled like some of them wi' a block of flats or a garden shed stuck on the deck.
    just read somewhere recently,that a guy bought 2 of these on the clyde to run men back and forrit to big ships at anchor.....
    nope got it wrong its forbes of sandhaven